Summer Creativity

I said I’d share these pictures and then forgot! So, here you go…the creativity of my children this summer.

Of course, there are Lego creations of all sorts.

2014-05-31 17.51.09

And they are always coming up with new ways to enjoy the Nerf guns.

2014-06-05 09.36.04

Steven works on his target practice every day.


He varies his weapons and is not afraid to add the girls’ pink Rebelle guns and bows into the mix.


Then there are the board games. But, they can’t just play them the normal way. I don’t know if you can see it, but the suspects in Clue are Daleks (from Doctor Who) and Lego people, including Star Wars characters. If I understand it correctly, Monopoly also has its variations.


This is just a cute one getting thrown in for the fun of it. They’d just steam cleaned the living room/dining room carpet, so all of the chairs were either in the kitchen or the foyer. I think this was snack time.


But the most fun has come from the fact that we have introduced the kids to some of the Marvel movies this summer. They’ve seen Captain America, Thor, and Avengers.

Angela immediately set to work creating costumes and props for their play.

Here’s Jack taking possession of Mjolnir, aka Thor’s hammer! (Notice that is has a crocheted wrist strap to keep it from flying at the wrong time.)


Angie felt that the cape and books completed the outfit.


She went on to make and paint Cap’s shield. Even Bunny has one! (And Olivia now does too, I think.)


I love watching my kids play!


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