Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In the great outdoors...a beautiful September day. Oh wait. It’s July. Really? July? That is just not possible. When is it ever 85 on a July afternoon, aside from the occasional break from insane heat? No, I’m not complaining. Not at all! A three-day stretch of typical July weather ended last Monday. I much prefer this oddity to that norm!

Within our four walls...piles of fabric pieces behind me as the girls prepare quilting strips. A couple of airplanes lying upside down on the living room floor, making me think there has been some sort of catastrophic disaster. A blanket tent in various states of repair in Steven’s room.

A heart of thanksgiving...for a good week at a leadership and worship camp with Olivia and three other Almyra girls; the cool weather; my bed; sleep.

A heart of prayer...for the Choates as they should be en route from Marulaon to Honiara after a three-month stay in the village; for friends dealing with the failing health of their parents; for Doug as he’s on the road today; for our family as we try to evaluate a new school routine; for the farmers as they deal with the changes this odd weather makes to the farming process.

Random observations...the kids have had the tent up in the back yard, but we took it down today because they’re not going to have much time to play in it before it’s slated to rain again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fold up the tarp. Why? Too many FROGS!!! They were everywhere! Little bitty things hopping all over the tarp. I’d get a couple off and they’d jump right back on. So, the tarp is just lying out there waiting for a time when multiple pairs of hands can fold the tarp.

My silly children...

Steven: (in prayer) Lord, help us to not be too goofy this afternoon (after a morning of EXTREME goofiness).

After prayer: Wait! We won’t be as goofy this afternoon because we’ll be separated. It’s hard to be that goofy all alone.

Olivia: And Angela and I will be in public. We can’t be goofy because have to be dignified in public.

(Now imagine that whole conversation punctuated with giggles.)

Thoughts from the kitchen...leftovers today. Not my favorite meal, but it sure does make both prep and clean-up easy!

Meanwhile, though, I’ve been craving pizza. I don’t think it’s on the list for this week, but the list just might have to change.

On my bookshelf...a shelf of resource books. Hmmm…methinks people could learn a lot about me by checking out this one shelf!

2014-07-22 12.59.35

Projects...finish school preps, pick a pattern and make a cow print dress, catch up on book reviews

Sounds of the moment...quiet. My sillies are quiet. Hmmm…

From Hibbard Academy...prep. Angie & Steven did some math while Olivia and I were gone last week, mainly to keep Steven somewhat busy!

A favorite thing from last week...coming home. I loved being at camp, but there’s nothing like coming home.

The planner...yesterday we had to be in Little Rock, and Doug’s back today. The girls have sewing camp every afternoon today through Friday. We’ll hopefully go to a Traveler’s (baseball) game on Friday night, weather permitting.

Because visuals are fun...cute cousins after Nanny’s last outdoor community band concert of the summer.

2014-07-11 20.06.15


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