Celebrating Steven!

It is time to continue with the look back at our celebrations of the summer. Steven was second!

Steven’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year. That meant a little stretching of the birthday celebrations to make sure we got everything covered. We started on Saturday evening with a pool party. And, yes, I was too busy visiting to get pictures of everyone – or even of the table! But, we had an enjoyable cookout/pool time.

The craziest part, though, was the fact that we wondered until day of if it would even be warm enough to swim! In AUGUST! Is that not crazy? It was a bit cool that evening – enough so that the adults had no interest in swimming. Fortunately, we all have good swimmers and were able to visit around the pool while watching them.

Steven didn’t request a cake this year. He wanted brownies. Peanut butter cup brownies. Yum!


We stuck a couple of candles in the middle one so he could blow them out.


The family celebration and gifts came on Sunday afternoon.


We had his pancake breakfast Saturday morning, but Sunday lunch was chicken ‘n dumplings, per his request. That’s a typical Sunday lunch for us, so to make it special we made sure to pull out the special occasion bowls!


Then came gifts. His primary request was books. Olivia and I found a series called the Homeschool Detectives. How fun is that? It’s an older series, and we could only get used copies. But, he was excited nonetheless! He also still loves the Little Bear books, even though he’s far surpassed that reading level. Doug found a set, and Steven was delighted!


The stuffed animal (especially dogs) lover got two new puppies – this black one and an adorable Husky. Can you tell he was happy?


Of course, a Steven birthday is not complete without at least a small Lego set. He wasted no time getting started!


He is now, once again, the official Cookie Inspector of the family. I managed to get the design cut out of his old outgrown shirt and sewn onto a new one.


But this was MY favorite of his gifts. A funny book written and illustrated by Angela.


We topped off the afternoon with giant brownies and homemade peanut butter cup ice cream. All eight candles fit on this one!



Wonderful! Great fun :D Happy Birthday, Steven :D

I can just see him, when he's 16... getting a new "Cookie Inspector" shirt, with several cut-out rings in layers ;D


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