Two Sides of the World

This morning we got to see the lunar eclipse. We don’t have a camera capable of capturing the beauty that it was, but Doug did get a couple of very distant shots and posted them on Facebook. In one of them, the speck of the moon is actually red! It’s neat!

If it had not been cloudy on the horizon, we would have been on the easternmost edge of those able to view the sunrise and eclipse at the same time. We saw the eastern sky lightening as the moon was setting in the west. But, the sun was still hidden when the moon disappeared into the clouds. It was still a beautiful sight, though.

It became even more special when we realized the Choates were watching the eclipse on the other side of the world! Isn’t that amazing? The moon was rising for them, the night beginning. It was setting for us as the night ended. And we all watched it – together yet thousands of miles apart.

Yes, I’m sentimental. It might seem like nothing to some people, but it was pretty special to me. God keeps us connected, and I love that.

Speaking of the Choates, will you pray with me over a couple of things?

First, rain for the village. Last they heard, the rain tanks were empty. Without the water in those tanks, they cannot return to the village. Their scheduled departure date is coming up quickly. So, please pray for rain!

Will you also pray over their village e-mail? Here is a post from Joanna to explain a little how it works:

Village E-Mail

Thanks for praying!


Choate Family said…
Awww, friend, you guys are so special to us! I love the shared experiences that God gives us :-)

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