Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In the great outdoors...a new day starting; clear blue sky; birds singing; beautiful fall!

Within our four doors and windows; children chattering as they start their day.

A heart of thanksgiving...for friendship.

A heart of prayer...over the passing of a dear family friend.

Random observations...yesterday I received the latest issue of Home Educating Family Magazine. Typically this is an exciting event for me because I love this magazine. But yesterday’s was really special. Why? Because of this:


This is one of those dreams I never even thought to dream! It’s still surreal that I get to be Senior Editor for HEDUA! I love my job!

My silly children...are excited about Latin. I love that. Of course, Dwane Thomas makes it fun in Visual Latin, and we’re very relaxed about it. But, they’re learning so much about the foundations of grammar and word structure. Even if they never become proficient enough to truly read and write in Latin, they’re establishing such an awesome foundation. And they think it’s fun! That’s what homeschooling is all about!

Thoughts from the kitchen...the realization that I forgot to check the menu plan last night. I try to always do that so I know if lunch needs to be handled early in the day. Ah! Shepherd’s pie. Easy enough!

On my bookshelf...working on Elizabeth Camden’s latest, With Every Breath.

Projects...I need to mend Steven’s jeans and get back to a regular sewing time. Lots of projects since Christmas is quickly approaching! 

Sounds of the moment...trucks rumbling across the street. A constant sound these days.

From Hibbard Academy...Olivia is learning about the drafting of the Constitution, finishing up a unit on poetry, and making solid progress through pre-algebra (thank you, Math-U-See!). Angela is learning about Commodore Perry and starting a unit on writing. Steven is working through early American history – we’ve explored the Aztecs and Incans and are now looking at the Mayans. He’s learning new punctuation and enjoying a review stretch in math.

A favorite thing from last week...visiting the Nina replica on Saturday! We got to join a couple of homeschool families (including the wonderful Trica Goyer and her family! Fun!) and had a great time!

The planner...normal week except for a jazz concert Thursday night. Otherwise, just trying to get everything squared away before we head out to the annual meeting of the AR Baptist State Convention. So excited!

Because visuals are fun...just another stuffed animal? I think he stayed there for a good hour!

2014-10-15 05.40.42


HI Ann,

sounds like a cozy and inviting week at your house :D Congrats on SENIOR EDITOR! And thanks for the dinner idea... Shepherds Pie it is :D Perfect, as Wyatt just got some new orthodontia and is enjoying some softer foods ;D

Jenny said…
Congratulations on your first issue, Ann! HEDUA is thankful to have you.

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