Last Visits

So, the Choates are safely in Honiara preparing for a conference before heading back to the village in about a month. But, what do the Hibbards do when time for face-to-face visits draws to a close?

We take a Saturday to go help pack a couple of boxes…

2016-01-23 11.31.112016-01-23 11.31.23

And then decide that a play break is needed, including some table tennis…

2016-01-23 11.48.48

…snowy bike rides…

2016-01-23 11.53.51

…and, of course, a little snowman-building.

2016-01-23 12.12.36

Or maybe we should get out the stepladder and make it not-so-little. Six feet sounds good.

2016-01-23 12.23.51

No, that’s not tall enough. Let’s shoot for ten feet!

2016-01-23 12.33.16

Actually, twelve feet sounds like a winner!! Yep, twelve it is!

2016-01-23 13.28.13

Of course, he could use a hat, jacket, and family.

2016-01-23 15.13.10

And a cow.

2016-01-23 15.41.49

And a mini family.

2016-01-23 15.44.39

2016-01-23 15.51.30

Of course, no snow fun is complete without a snowball fight!

2016-01-23 15.13.272016-01-23 15.13.36

Of course, since we were supposed to go get the piano that day, but the trailer was iced in, we just had to go back another day. Bummer.

2016-01-27 10.21.502016-01-27 10.29.02

Unlike the Saturday before, this trip had to include our real goodbyes. 


Goodbyes are never fun.


But when you can be this silly with friends you are saying goodbye to, you know it just means you get to anticipate sweet hellos again in the future.


(Although Angie was NOT willing to let the goodbye include parting with James the Big Cow!)


These sweet kiddos have grown up together, even across the miles.


And this precious soul has been a true nourishment and mainstay for me over those same years.


And our sweet fellas (who did not manage to get into any of these pictures) have made sure that we stayed actively connected through those years!


No, goodbyes aren’t fun, but even goodbyes can reflect the joy of the relationship! Until next time!!


Looks like a lot of fun AND a lot of help :D And I"m so glad you get to babysit the piano!!!
Choate Family said…
Ok, now I'm crying! Thank you, dear friend, for your support through a difficult transition.
Cindy said…
We love the Hibbard family and are so thankful for the blessing you are to the Choate family!

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