Vertically Challenged

I don’t remember who said what, and I’m sure I’m leaving out much of the good stuff, but this was the culmination of a discussion had earlier today:

Vertically challenged? Why do we even call people that? Isn’t it rude?

So, what do you call tall people? Vertically blessed?


And if you wonder where they get it, as I type, my husband is sitting beside me making me fall out laughing with his running church comedy monologue.

So, why is it called an offering plate, anyway? Would you really eat off this thing?


Meanwhile, today I said I was feeling loopy again, and my dear sweet eldest said, “What do you mean again?” Yes, I feel the love.


Life in the Hibbard household…Scary? Definitely. Dull? Not possible.


Choate Family said…
No wonder we get along so well :-)

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