Not Quite Ordinary Observations

Observations about Today…Monday, July 1, 2019
Summer is here in full force. I sit here thankful for my air conditioning while I look out the window and see morning sunshine highlighting the leaves on the crepe myrtle trees in the front yard.

I'm not a huge fan of summer's heat, and I'm kind of sad that our packed schedule kind of had us missing the chance to just enjoy spring before the heat hit. But, I'm thankful for the rest of summer this year. Much of July and the first half of August will hopefully be an opportunity for routine and for enjoying our last weeks with Olivia at home.

An Observation about the Week
Routine! For the first time in AGES! I think the whole family is looking forward to it.

A General Observation
I can hear Steven practicing piano this morning. That boy has talent. He has quite the ear, but is diligent to learn to read music as well. I love listening to him work hard practicing on the piano and his guitars.

Something I Have Read or Heard
"Reflection and review enables the long-term improvement of all habits because it makes you aware of your mistakes and helps you consider possible paths for improvement. Without reflection, we can make excuses, create rationalizations, and lie to ourselves. We have no process for determining whether we are performing better or worse compared to yesterday."
- James Clear, Atomic Habits

Something on My Mind
The habits I need to work on to be healthier in every way.

Something I’m Thankful for
A chance for routine! Oh wait...have I mentioned that? Sorry. I might be just a wee bit happy about that. The days will still be very full, but with a consistent flow. At least for this week.

Something about My Kids
Angie has quite a few dolls, not because she's big into playing with dolls, but because she loves to "dress" them in her latest creations.

The most recent one is a work in progress, as there are several other component Angie wants to make. But apparently this particular doll has been accepted into Hogwarts, and she needs to be make sure she's properly outfitted.

One of my personal favorites, though, is the outfit she made for Olivia's doll: 

Something I’m Working on
Making music a more intentional part of each day and getting back to writing.

Something from Hibbard Academy
It's summer!!! When the kids were little, summer breaks were more troublesome than helpful. We took off in the fall and winter more frequently. But, with the full summer schedule we have these days, it's nice to not have to work in school.

BUT...I do get to dive into my favorite part of homeschooling over the course of the next few weeks. I get to do planning! Woo-hoo! My absolute favorite part is getting to create lesson plans in My Well Planned Day (although being able to purchase a few of the lesson plans already created for me is helpful, too!). Yeah, I'm kind of partial to anything created by Well Planned Gal since I've worked for the company for so long. But, really and truly, these planners--both online and paper--have made my life so much easier the past six or seven years! Love them!

Something That Makes Me Smile
Angela walked in this morning and said, "I started my new planner! It makes me so happy!" She's been waiting so very patiently since the planner first arrived in March.

Now, the day finally comes when she can set aside the old and officially start using the new. I so get that, child. I so very much get that!

Something Coming
PraiseWorks next week. YAY! Then, the countdown begins...on August 16, we move this beautiful gal to college. Oh how we'll miss having her at home, but oh how excited I am for her!


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