Not Quite Ordinary Observations...July 22, 2019

Observations about Today…Monday, July 22, 2019
As I sit down to write, I'm realizing something. I don't want to do the routine today. It worked well last week, but today I want to be distracted. I want to work down the list, which seems to be a productive thought. But, it ends up being random. Scattered. Jumping from this to that. When I approach my days that way, I've always got something else to do, and those something elses almost never allow for the development of nourishing habits like writing and music practice. But, when I work the routine, there are specific blocks of the day set aside for each type of task. Which means that there's a freedom in having a stopping point for the never ending.

But, it also means that I have to think. To focus. To be disciplined. To hone in on what needs to be done right now. To allow some dormant creativity to be re-engaged.

That ran decently well last week as I started working on a new routine after a chaotic summer. It was even promising for transition back to school in a few weeks. But, today? It's Monday. And I'm tired. It's taking a lot more discipline today.

But I'm going to do it. Starting with this post!

An Observation about the Week
It's supposed to be cooler! We haven't hit official 100s in our temps yet, but we've had mid- to upper-90s with maxed out humidity and nasty heat indices. The kind of heat indices where the peanut butter melts in the cabinet even with the A/C running. This week, though—starting tomorrow—we're looking at highs in the 80s with lows in the 60s and LOW humidity! Yes, I'm doing a happy dance!

A General Observation
 I have a hard time contemplating family concepts here. It used to be easier, when the kids were little and always doing cutesy things. Now they're bigger. And they're still amazing, but they're just different. And writing about family stuff is very different. So, my thoughts for blog posts like this more naturally gravitate more toward what I'd write on Not Quite Ordinary instead. Trying to think about what it means to blog about family here!

Something I Have Read or Heard
"Paying all our spiritual attention to the message of Jesus while ignoring his practices has not only led people like me into devastating life crises, it has also created a country of Christians whose practical lives are divorced from their actual faith. How else do we explain a country of Christians who preach a radical gospel of Jesus while assimilating to the usual contours of American life?"
- Justin Whitmel Earley from The Common Rule

Something on My Mind
Community. You can find a wide variety of books and discussions about what's wrong, what's missing, what needs to change, etc. I'm exploring some of them right now myself. And, as a pastor's family, we obviously explore such things on a ministry level. But, there's also the question of what this looks like for our family as a Christian family who wants to live out our faith personally, not just ministerially. In some places we've lived, this has been easy and natural. But, others, including where we are now, not so much. So, what does our family need to change to be more intentional and community-minded in a culture where it's not so natural?

Something I’m Thankful for
The ability to have friendships across the miles as well as local. Having friends around the world does not excuse me from investing in local relationships and community, but it does remind me that, wherever I go, I'll still have those solid relationships that don't waver no matter how far apart we are.

Something about My Kids
They're so smart. They just blow my mind sometimes with what they know because they know how to learn and figure things out. I love that!

Something I’m Working on
An afghan. It will be made up of a bunch of crazy square blocks like this...

The centers will be a variety of different patterns—essentially, different designs I want to try in small blocks to see if I like them. The colors are variations of blue, cream, and burgandy—some solid, some "textured," and some variegated.

It's a slow process because I only work on the blocks at certain times. I'll try new patterns on Fridays when I can focus on them. The crazy squares don't require much thought, so I can work on them now and then during portions of work meetings or other things when my brain needs to work but my hands are free.

I have no idea if the colors I chose really go together, but it will be a fun afghan anyway! And, because of the blocks, I can work on it year-round without getting overheated from being under layers of yard. Haha! When all of the blocks are done, I'll definitely have to make sure to piece them together in the winter!

Something from Hibbard Academy
All of Steven's planning is done for the new school year! Still a bit to do for Angie, but it's nice to not feel rushed for once. Having several routine weeks in a row AND having two children to plan for instead of three both make a difference. (Although going from three to two is taking a good bit of mental and emotional adjustment!)

Something That Makes Me Smile
Our favorite weather man's sense of humor. And his "Muggy--Cast" outlook for this week.

We've had the top two faces for several weeks now, so the smiles are awesome!

No photo description available.

Something Coming
In just under three weeks, there will be no more children in our household. My "baby" will officially become a teenager. Fun times!


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