Snapshots of Summer

Some days I really am ready to get back to a solid routine. But, mostly, I'm enjoying the fact that summer is just more relaxed, more spontaneous, and lots of fun. Yes, we're still doing school, but as we finish our last ten days of curriculum, we're doing a lot of picking and choosing. We haven't even worked in the school room at all since we got home from Kentucky! At first it was because we wanted to close that room off and not try to cool it since it was so incredibly hot outside. But even now as temperatures are staying much more comfortable, we just haven't gotten around to going back out there and getting the school room in order.

Yesterday we curled up on Olivia's bed and read four chapters from a read-aloud, three days' worth of science, and a day's worth of history. (And they begged for more - they just love it all!) Math got done in on-again, off-again spurts throughout the day. Spelling tests were passed orally. Some things are just falling by the wayside. And it's okay. They aren't going to miss anything. Sometime before the end of the month we'll finish all we have to finish, and then we'll spend the next few weeks enjoying read-alouds of our choice, getting books switched out in preparation for the new year, and finalizing all of our plans for the new year. It will be fun!

Meanwhile, here are some snapshots of Steven on these sweet days (I'll post a couple of the girls and their favorite summertime activity tomorrow)...

Steven rolling on his back and saying, "Get my belly, Mommy!" Now, how can I resist that?
Steven running up and asking, "Mommy can I do school?" Then he'll pick his favorite book - our science book - find a comfy spot, and "read" to his heart's content.
Steven loves to cut. So, that's been a frequent activity on these hot summer days.
Flying his "airplane."
Random shot - I just love my sweeties!


Mandy said…
Oh my gosh.. that picture of his cute little face flying his airplane! Gorgeous boy!!

I do school work with the kids during summer (which means they're "too ahead" once school starts back b/c apparently most folks let them forget everything they just learned lol) and we pretty much take the tract you mentioned. Lots of reading, bits of math, lots of fun coloring/cutting/glueing, etc.

Are you doing multiplication yet? Madison started on it last yr in Second grade and I was thinking of buying her some flash cards or something to help her get it better before 3rd grade starts up. Wondered if you had any tricks of helping them with math?
Aw...thanks, Mandy!

We are doing multiplication - started in 2nd grade here, too (this past year). I started thinking about our tricks, and figured it was more than just a comment response. I'll post it in a new blog post tomorrow! :-)
Mandy said…
Awesome! I'll be looking for it! :)

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