Abraham Lincoln

Thursday morning we loaded up and headed out of Louisville. Our goal was Hodgenville, KY, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln.

We began our touring at the Abraham Lincoln museum in town where we saw quite a few very interesting sights. Here are the kids reading a few books about President Lincoln.
This is a log cabin made from an assortment of cookies and candies in the gingerbread house tradition. The kids were fascinated as they tried to see how many cookie types they could identify!
We learned quite a few fascinating tidbits about the life of our sixteenth president.
There was also a room designated to kites! Although there was very little about Abraham Lincoln in this room, we very much enjoyed learning many factoids about kites.
Next we hopped back into the van and headed a few miles up the road to Lincoln's birthplace. Although I didn't get pictures of the memorial or the cabin inside, this is the path we took to go see a cabin that closely resembles the one Lincoln would have been born in.
This is the spring that led Thomas Lincoln to choose this site for his farm.
Lincoln's boyhood home was ten miles up the road from this location, but by the time we finished touring these two locations, we were hungry and ready to be back on the road. And, we were thankful we did! We got caught in traffic just outside of Nashville for about four hours! It was 9:30 before we rolled into Memphis for the night! But, we had one last restful night on the road and made it home just after 1:00 on Friday. It was definitely good to finally be off the road!


Stephanie Kay said…
How Fun!! I've always loved visiting historical sites like that. Even as a kid. Maybe that's why I majored in history and enjoy (most days) home schooling my kids. :)
Beth said…
We stopped there, too. It's bad to travel with Matt down a road with lots of historic stops!

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