Oh, how we are sluggish this week. It isn't a bad week - just a sluggish one. Maybe it's related to the rainy weather. Maybe it's the humidity. Maybe it's just the way it goes sometimes. But, we seem to have hyperactive bursts (well, the kids do!) followed by lethargy and the inability to do the smallest task. But, at the same time, we seem to be happily getting along.

Would you like a few random tidbits?

This morning the kids have all of the Legos out - the Duplos and the regular ones. They are having such fun! I love watching the creations!

Did I tell you that I went through the kids clothes for the fall? Once again, God has provided so beautifully! The one thing we are praying for is this - a slight foot growth spurt for Angie. I know, typically we don't want them to grow, but right now it would be wonderful! We have some of the most adorable fall/winter shoes for her in sizes 12 1/2 through 13 1/2. She is a size 12. Fortunately, living in the south gives us a little more warm weather into the fall, so her sandals and white dress shoes are acceptable for a little while longer. Maybe, just maybe those feet will grow just enough!

School is going well, although we've moved a little slower than usual through it over the past week or so. But, we're getting back to full steam. The girls are learning about mammals - they know about several groups of mammals now, including carnivores, pennipeds, ungulates, and primates. Yep, Mama's learning lots, too! :-) I don't think I ever learned the names of the orders of mammals! We are continuing to read about early Spanish explorers to the Americas and their impact on the Native Americans, and the girls are both expanding their vocabulary and writing skills. Meanwhile, they greatly enjoy their typing lessons and are progressing nicely! I never dreamed we would be learning typing this early, but they really love the program they are using and are very steadily establishing great accuracy!

But, they are also learning something else that is precious to me. Olivia, out of the blue, made this statement the other day: "We're just kind of intelligent. Not exactly wise yet." I don't know where the statement came from or what she was thinking when she said it. But, as we talked just a little bit after she made the statement, I realized that she was acknowledging that they were learning much in school but needed the wisdom of the Lord to back up any knowledge they were gaining. What a beautiful thing to hear from my eight-year-old!


Choate Family said…
What happened to "no white shoes after Labor Day"? ;-)
The unavailability of black shoes!!! :-) I think this is the first year we have broken the rules by not going out and buying dark shoes before Labor Day.

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