Have you ever noticed how much kids are a reflection of their parents? It's a bit scary. When I'm diligent, my kids follow suit. When I'm a slacker, they are too! When I keep stuff clean, they tend to do the same. When I am irritable, they are too. When I am focused on the task at hand in school, they usually are. When I'm not, maintaining order during our school day is a royal pain!

It's amazing how much sway we have over our kids behavior! And, our words only go so far if our actions don't back them up. It can be rather frightening sometimes!

Lately, we have seen an increase in diligence in our home. We've had a cleaner home and a calmer home. We have been getting more accomplished. I want that to stay, but it means that I have to stick to diligence even as I grow tired. I have to do even when I don't feel motivated. And I have to let my kids know that I do things whether I feel like it or not - it doesn't do much good if they think I always work because I feel like doing it.

I know this may seem more like a "thought" than a family update, but those two blur so often. As I sit here and listen to my kids happily playing with Legos on the living room floor, I realize what a sweet sound it is. I realize that they are playing there happily because their chores were done (mostly) diligently this morning. I realize that the fighting is minimal because our home has been a more peaceful place lately. I realize that school has gotten off to a good start because of all of the above factors combined.

That's the Hibbard family this week, and I like that!


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