Another Cook

I just found these pictures and remembered that Olivia isn’t the only one who’s been helping with the cooking lately. We decided we wanted pretzel dogs (for those of you who have never had the delight of pretzel dogs, they are hot dogs – or in our case, Polish sausages - wrapped in pretzel dough) recently, and Steven begged to help make them. So, I called him in when the dough was ready and it was time to wrap the sausages in the dough.

I cut the dough and then he wrapped.


I dipped the wrapped dog into the soda water (since the water was warm) and transferred it to the baking sheet and then he salted it. He had a perfect salting hand – not too much and not too little!


We baked them up, and everyone was delighted with the finished product, including the proud chef!



Your littlest chef is too adorable for words!

Choate Family said…
Can't wait to taste some of that good cooking! Maybe we can have a sous chef swap (try saying that ten times fast!).

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