New Cook in Town

Olivia has always enjoyed cooking, but for a long time she’s lacked the ability to focus in and take a recipe from start to finish. But lately that level of maturity has seemed to just click. I’ve tried to work nearby and check in on her as she’s worked, but she has it figured out! This makes me happy because that means we are on the verge of having three competent cooks in the house. Yes, this makes me smile.

Cook7About a week ago she made bread start to finish on her own (I took care of the oven part because it’s just too high for her to safely maneuver stuff in and out of it). It took her a good bit longer than it takes me, which was predictable, but I told her she’d speed up with practice.


Yes, she is drumming on the dough. She just can’t help it!


Cook4Cook3Then later in the week she made quiche. I already had a ball of crust made and in the freezer, but she did all of the rolling out. She also successfully transferred the crust to the pie plate all by herself!  You can tell by the grin how excited she was to use the “kitchen power tools” to blend the egg mixture! She made a lovely and delicious turkey bacon quiche.


This week we had some overripe bananas, so she asked if she could make banana bread. It was delicious! Yes, I think this new level of maturity and kitchen competence will greatly work in my favor.


Choate Family said…
Yay for sous chefs turning into head chefs!

Way to go Olivia :D

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