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Angela is working through Sonlight’s Core B history and science with Steven. She is doing it for the second time (she was barely five when she did it the first time), and although the information review is definitely beneficial to her, the workload is technically beneath her grade level and definitely beneath her abilities. So, we supplement heavily with some resources that challenge her to create projects based on what she is learning. They require her to both dig for more information and use her creativity to pull that information together into a complete project. She typically gets to choose from a “menu” of ideas, and it has been fun to see which activities she chooses. I think these resources are going to really help her find some of her as-yet undiscovered talents and interests!

As we learned about Greek mythology recently, she decided to choose an assignment that guided her through writing a short play. She had to write the script, create the stage, gather any necessary props and costumes, and manage the cast.

Her play of choice was about Poseidon, and she and her cast performed it for us this afternoon! (The script follows the video, if you need it.)

Poseidon and the Nymphs

NARRATOR: Poseidon was the god of the sea. He also got angry very easily.

POSEIDON: What a perfect day to wreck some ship on the rocks of doom, or wash someone upon a deserted island with no food.

NYMPHS (singing): Swiftly, swiftly the ship went down; on the rocks the ship went down.

NARRATOR: Now Poseidon did not like the nymphs’ singing. Rather, he completely hated it!

POSEIDON: Must ye nymphs always sing? I do not like it at all!

NYMPHS (singing): Singing softly is our passion, singing about poor shipwrecked sailors on the rocks.

POSEIDON: Well, stop! If you don’t I will make you! (Poseidon waves his wand toward Napolea, one of the sea nymphs, turning her into stone.)

NYMPHS (singing): We weep, we weep, for our dear sister Napolea. She has done nothing wrong to suffer this.

POSEIDON: Do not cry. I will bring her back if you will only sing when I want you to.

NYMPHS: Oh yes. Do please.

POSEIDON: I will indeed. (Poseidon waves his wand once again, restoring Napolea to her normal self.)

NARRATOR: So to this day all the nymphs of Poseidon never sing without permission from him.

The play was followed by a silly song entitled “Silly Songs with Dolphins.” The last line is a bit of a family joke. When someone can’t find something that is “hidden” in plain sight, we inform them that they may not pursue a career in herpetology!

The Dolphin’s Missing Hairbrush


Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the play and the song! Steven seems to be overcoming some of his introversion. (o:
Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!

Julie G

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