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For Today...Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the great outdoors...the last gasp (hopefully!) of summer. We’ve been blessed with moderate humidity, so the windows stayed open even as the temperatures climbed again. We hope that Friday’s anticipated cold front ushers fall in once and for all!

Within our four walls...autumn decorations are finally up, just in time for the fall weather! The girls took care of that for me yesterday afternoon before we left for Angie’s art class. We don’t have many decorations – a couple of door hangings and a few tablecloths, enough ceramic gourds to decorate the mantle, and a few serving pieces to replace my Arthur Court collection on a shelf in the dining room. Oh, and I think the girls found a stuffed turkey to grace the piano. But, it is amazing what a difference just a few decorative items make!

A heart of thanksgiving...for a calm, quiet week before we head into two very busy weeks.

A heart of prayer...for a struggling friend. Also for the farmers trying to get in the last of their crops before another rain hits. Most of the farmers only have soybeans left. Soybeans take several days to dry out enough for harvest after a rain. We have had rain, even in small amounts, every five or six days lately, and that has made harvest difficult.

Random observations...something has made us laugh nearly every day lately. I want to get in the habit of posting those little moments, if only for me to remember them.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I have discovered the delights of homemade cream soups. Opening a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup has always been such a natural thing. But a few weeks ago we didn’t have any on hand, and I really didn’t want to change the menu for the day. Doug found a recipe, and it was so easy and so good! I have tweaked it a bit here and there, and I could eat the cream of chicken soup straight up! Yum!

On my bookshelf...Tricia Goyer’s new book! Doug handed it to me today as a surprise! I am making myself finish my current review book before starting it, though. Of course, I say that as if I’m not enjoying my current review book – I am enjoying it, too!

Projects...working on a cross-stitching portion of Christmas presents. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed cross-stitch. 

Sounds of the moment...the kids cheering because I told them they could watch Veggie Tales – Larry Boy, to be exact. It’s been a while.

Last week we learned...Steven and Angie finished up Greek myths, but are still learning about Greece. In science they progressed from what happens underground to the water cycle. Olivia’s focus has been on genes in science and Russia in history.

A favorite thing from last week...a relaxed Saturday. It’s been a while!

The planner...just school this week, and church Wednesday night. Art classes are over, for which I am glad. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity, but I won’t miss being in Stuttgart twice a week!

Because visuals are three sillies

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Choate Family said…
We have those exact dresses! I see a photo op in the near future :-) Great minds think alike.

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