Art Class–Angela

Here are Angela’s projects. Her class focus was not the same as Olivia’s so she ended up with more projects. I did not get to see what Angela left for the exhibition, so I’ll come back and post those later. But, here’s what she brought home.

She made a paper mache pumpkin.

Art Class - A1

She also painted pictures. First, she worked with leaves. She was supposed to look at a leaf, draw it, and then paint it.

Art Class - A2

Here is a fall painting she did next.

Art Class - A4

With each activity they did, the students were asked to write about the process. I think that was Angela’s favorite part! She filled her index cards with detailed instructions. It has been fun to read her cards detailing every step of the processes she enjoyed in art class.

In a final activity, she was supposed to look at a scene – a still life scene, I think. She was supposed to express what she saw, thought, and felt, and then try to reproduce that in a drawing.

My Flowers

Art Class - A3

Here’s what she wrote to go with My Flowers:

I see a window, flowers, creativity, stars, designs, and my outlining.

I think about a garden full of flowers and a vase of flowers fresh from the garden on the table.

I feel a love for drawing.


Choate Family said…
Looks like you guys are really enjoying art class!

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