Friday Sillies

Somehow it seems that our days are just full of sameness right now. Not much to share; not much to write about. But as I looked back on some pictures, I realized that there has been much fun to write about. It’s just been in little pockets here and there that don’t always seem to stick out.

A Beka can be a bit laborious when it comes to exercises. Lots of busy work. Lots of repetitious writing. When writing is laborious for a child, like it is for Olivia, that can be overwhelming! So, I let her type some of her written work (much easier for her!) we do other exercises orally.

This is one we were going to do orally. I told her to have sentences in mind before she came to me. Here’s what she did to remind herself of her sentences.

2013-09-13 14.48.34

Some days, school offers other unique challenges. Yes, she was working on the page Smokey is lying on. Smokey came and literally plopped down on top of Olivia’s arm as she was writing.

2013-09-19 12.38.10

School uniforms? How about dress-up clothes! Complete with a nice mug of Choffy.

2013-09-20 09.55.56


Looks very cozy at the Hibbard homeschool!


PS We use A Beka language books too and often do things orally!
Choate Family said…
Anything is better with a cup of Choffy!

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