More Silly Moments

Want some more silly moments from the Hibbard household? How about this image of Angela with her cows? There are five of them…or is it six?

2013-09-14 12.32.42

Let’s see…we have Cowie (Cowabella), the big, used to be fluffly but has been loved pretty flat, cow; then there’s Alf the Calf; Callie is the cow I made for her when she was a baby to match her bedding; Stella is a very, very long cow – long enough to hang around her shoulders; George is a Chick-fil-A cow; and Carrie is that cute blue knit cow in the front – she has magnetic hooves. Yep, that would be six.

She decided the cows all needed some exercise, so she helped them with a round of pull-ups.

2013-09-19 08.36.152013-09-19 08.37.13

Occasionally she trades her cows for other activities, such as dress-up and knitting or crocheting. But, even then, at least one cow is usually nearby…somewhere.

2013-09-20 09.55.39


She is definitely a country girl, through and through!


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