Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Silly Moments

Want some more silly moments from the Hibbard household? How about this image of Angela with her cows? There are five of them…or is it six?

2013-09-14 12.32.42

Let’s see…we have Cowie (Cowabella), the big, used to be fluffly but has been loved pretty flat, cow; then there’s Alf the Calf; Callie is the cow I made for her when she was a baby to match her bedding; Stella is a very, very long cow – long enough to hang around her shoulders; George is a Chick-fil-A cow; and Carrie is that cute blue knit cow in the front – she has magnetic hooves. Yep, that would be six.

She decided the cows all needed some exercise, so she helped them with a round of pull-ups.

2013-09-19 08.36.152013-09-19 08.37.13

Occasionally she trades her cows for other activities, such as dress-up and knitting or crocheting. But, even then, at least one cow is usually nearby…somewhere.

2013-09-20 09.55.39

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

She is definitely a country girl, through and through!