Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In the great outdoors...overcast, humid, and heavy. It’s supposed to rain, but the farmers are praying it holds off so they can get their beans cut.

Within our four walls...goofiness galore.

A heart of thanksgiving...for a “normal” day.

A heart of prayer...for our farmers as they try to finish up harvest, our family as we enter a busy season, a friend who had a recent heart scare (my age!), another friend who meets with a specialist tomorrow about the severe back pain she’s endured for the past month, and the salvation/spiritual growth of many who have been heavy on my heart. 

Random observations...for some reason, cats feel like they have to be right up next to a person in order to successfully bathe. Or maybe it’s just cats around me. I’m sure it is because they know it annoys me to have a cat loudly bathing right on top of me. Our cats live to annoy me.

My precious children...are such servants. We hosted an associational meeting at our church last night, and they did so much to help feed everyone. Then they waited patiently and without complaint while everyone else got their food – even staying away from the desserts that looked so fantastic. And yes, we made sure they each got a plate full of their favorite desserts.

Thoughts from the kitchen...chicken noodle casserole today. The kids are finally to the point where they can make meaningful contribution to meal planning rather than simply requesting the same things over and over and over and over again. It is helping us remember meals we don’t make quite as frequently. Yay!

On my bookshelf...not much motivation. Good books, but I’m just pretty slow about reading them right now.

Projects...pulling out my warmer clothes. Not that I’ve needed them yet, but I need to get it done – while, of course, leaving out enough cooler clothing to keep me from burning up while we wait for cool weather.

Sounds of the playing/talking quietly in their last few minutes of free time before school starts.

From Hibbard Academy...kind of a funny thing – I actually don’t really know what the kids are doing in math right now. They are all three pretty independent when it comes to their math (by their choice), and Doug has been doing all of the grading for me. Kind of strange.

A favorite thing from last week...celebrating my parents’ 40th anniversary with them. Their actually anniversary is not until next weekend, but we got to do a reception for them on Saturday. They didn’t have a reception/wedding cake when they got married, and Mom has always wanted to have that on an anniversary. It was fun to be a part of doing that for them.

The planner...working ahead to be ready for upcoming vacation time. YAY!

Because visuals are fun...Steven loves his sissy snuggles!2013-10-13 20.25.13


Oh, I love it when somebody requests something (a meal) that has dropped off my radar - I can get it such a rut! How great that Doug gets involved with your homeschool and gives you a break (grading math, especially!)

And congrats on your parents 40th! My parents never saw their wedding cake - it had all been eaten by the time they got to the reception! We got them a special cake for their 25th, and now with their 50th coming (in a year and a half) we'll have to remember that!

Hope your rain holds off,


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