Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the great outdoors...dark. It’s a bit later than I usually try to get this written!

Within our four walls...clutter slowly being tamed. There’s a tub of autumn decorations still waiting to be put out, but I need to get a few things tidied first. It’s coming along slowly, just a little bit at a time. Probably will be done by Thursday or Friday.

A heart of thanksgiving...for a perfect day for Farm Safety Day with Angela. Cloud cover. Nice breeze. Humid, but not warm. Also thankful for the thoughtful invitation to be a part of the day. It’s for 5th graders throughout the county. Olivia went two years ago.

2013-10-01 09.25.04

A heart of prayer...for my friend with continued back issues and all that’s involved in that; for wisdom to keep my planner balanced.

Random observations...I took a lot more pictures of Olivia’s Farm Safety Day than I did of Angela’s. Looking back at Liv’s pictures, I realize why. She jumped right into the middle of the group we were with. And they welcomed her with open arms. Angela, however, didn’t really care to be in the middle of them. She wanted to be with me. The other kids didn’t try to include her, and she didn’t try to be a part. Nor did she feel she missed out. She had a great time just hanging around with me. Works for me! I can handle being around this precious smile!

2013-10-01 11.43.49

My silly children...were delighted to be back together this afternoon. They disappeared into the back of the house, and I hardly heard a peep from them. They really love being with each other! And I love that they love being with each other!

Thoughts from the kitchen...I’m out of chocolate. I’m really trying to stay almost completely away from sugar right now. Except for one piece of dark chocolate. I must restock.

On my bookshelf...about the same as the past few weeks.

Projects...a knit scarf from Sashay “yarn.” Why? Because I haven’t finished any of my other projects so I thought I needed another one. I think maybe I need to finish something.

Sounds of the and keyboards tapping. The kids are in bed, so we get a break from all of those sounds. They were getting quite interesting before we insisted on calm!

From Hibbard Academy...knights! I’m excited. I love learning about knights. And for Olivia, ancient Greece. Another fun period. Let’s see…book reports for Olivia. Can’t quite remember for the other two. Angie’s starting a new unit, and I’ve forgotten what it is.

A favorite thing from last week...personality tests with the youth class on Wed night. Olivia giggled through the whole thing. She had a great time! I love learning about little aspects of personalities.

The planner...yesterday was meeting day, and today was the field trip with Angie. The rest of the week is just typical school, work, and church.

Because visuals are fun...a couple more pictures from our day. 2013-10-01 11.01.092013-10-01 11.22.16


Choate Family said…
Oh, that Angela is so beautiful and sweet!
What a sweet smile on both of you... it's the same smile!


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