Celebrating Olivia

Summer is birthday season in our home!

I posted the special birthday photo posts I love to do each year, but I never shared our celebrations! So, to my digital scrapbook, here I add the celebrations of the summer, beginning with:

The Celebration of Olivia!

We had just returned from Dallas, so she was perfectly happy with a calm, low-key birthday. Every now and then, her birthday falls on Memorial Day, and this was that year. So, it was easy to just take the day off!


We started with her breakfast request – pancake-wrapped bacon on a stick! Fun!


There was also some fun piled up in the Fuf in Mommy & Daddy’s room to watch Thor on the “big screen” (projected onto the wall).


And just some good old-fashioned “we like to be together” time.


Steven loves to tackle Olivia from behind after she sits down at the table for lunch. A birthday tackle is extra special.


Daddies have to get birthday tackles, too.


Olivia chose a peanut butter cheesecake instead of a decorated cake this year. She asked that it have a Doctor Who touch, though. What could be more fun than chocolate TARDISes and Daleks?


Especially when you put them on top of a no-bake peanut butter cheesecake.


Olivia had several fun gifts this year. Building sets always fascinate her, and this one was robotic!


Angie always makes such fun and creative cards for birthdays. This year she made Olivia an airfield diorama that included C130, Lego, and Doctor Who creativity. Inside the TARDIS, she put two Lego minifigs that look like Olivia’s favorite Doctor Who characters.


The came Angie’s gift – a stuffed TARDIS. I think Olivia was happy.


Although she requested a Doctor Who birthday, it isn’t ALL about DW for her these days. She has such a variety of interests. Steven’s gift to her reflected one of them. He was a little disappointed because it didn’t get here in time for her birthday, but she was just happy to find out what he bought. He got her a hardcover copy of Inkspell, a book she’d been wanting, sequel to Inkheart. She was so excited! She absolutely loves fantasy.

She got a few of other things from us – Hog earrings, a fun new t-shirt, a much-needed summer nightgown. But the most fun was watching her open a gift of something not quite so new.

For years, we’ve had a back-up for Bunny. We learned very early on that it’s wise to have at least two of a favorite lovie. We decided it was time to reveal our secret. So, two well-loved bunnies ended up in a gift bag on her birthday. This picture is blurry, but I think you can still get the essence of her reaction! It was awesome! 


So, we now have Bunny and BunBun. And yes, she CAN tell them apart! (Although, she did have trouble that day figuring out which one had been out with her in the weeks leading up to her birthday. She’s still not too sure about that.)


Another fun birthday has come and gone! And the teen years are officially here. Looking forward to a lot of greet teen birthdays!


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