Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, September 22, 2014

In the great outdoors...a forecasted high in the 70’s. Yay! It’s been a mild summer, but that doesn’t make me any less ready for fall. My favorite season!

Within our four walls...the need to make a couple of tweaks to our most recent library rearrange. I have a portable table that won’t stay up all the time, but I want to have a good place to set it up (other than right in front of the bookshelves where it is right now!). It gives me a place to stand and work – I need that!

A heart of thanksgiving...for the blessing of friends who love us and our children; for software that lets me plan ahead in school but then make changes easily as needed (My Well Planned Day) – more easily than in my beloved paper planner (which I still use for day-to-day schooling); for new work tasks that are beginning to “click.”

A heart of prayer...for one of our farmers to get his combine fixed quickly, easily, and inexpensively; for the rest to continue to have smooth harvests; for our family to have a smooth few weeks in preparation for a few months.

Random observations...Why do I fight getting up on time in the mornings when I know I’ll feel so much better and the day will go so much more smoothly if I will just go ahead and do it? This morning has run so well because we got up on time. I’ve just got to get that in my head at 5:00 when that nasty alarm goes off.

My silly children...are really quite marvelous. It’s such a blessing to be their mom, and it’s a blessing to see the many things God teaches me through them. Yep, they’re pretty awesome kids.

Thoughts from the kitchen...we’ve given the kids each a day of the week to make dinner. Olivia’s day is Thursday, Angela’s is Friday, and Steven’s is Saturday. For the time being, they frequently still need help. But, there will come a day…I look forward to that day!

On my bookshelf...the need for a plan. Okay, so that’s not on my bookshelf, but it’s related to my bookshelf. I’ve managed to get a handle on much of my schedule: school grading & planning/prep; a work flow for my HEDUA work week that seems to be working smoothly so far; a writing plan. But I still need to schedule in regular reading and keeping up with blogs. Getting there!

Projects...we laid out Christmas projects over the weekend. I’m getting excited! 

Sounds of the moment...soft piano music as Doug and I work on our top of the morning tasks.

From Hibbard Academy...two more weeks of not-quite-full school schedule. Ah, ‘tis fall in the Hibbard household. But, that’s okay! We’re making good progress anyway. And we’re having fun. These are such delightful cores! It’s fun revisiting with Angela what Olivia and I thoroughly enjoyed together. And, with Steven I’m rediscovering the books we loved five years ago. Has it really been five years? Then there are the new things to enjoy with Olivia’s brand new core. Yes, I love homeschooling!

A favorite thing from last week...watching Angela being surrounded by girls who were fascinated by her. Olivia, Angela, and I went to share some Jordan fun with local GAs last Saturday night. We all put on Jordanian dresses. The girls have outgrown their own…but they could wear mine! How did THAT happen?! Fortunately, I had three different styles in my closet, so there were enough for all of us. I never really had the chance to get pictures, but take my word for it – they were cute!

Anyway, we started the evening by just talking about Jordan. But, when that was over, I told the girls they could come up and get a closer look at some of the Jordanian treasures I’d brought. Several of the girls crowded around Angela instead. Olivia nudged me and said with a smile, “I think they like Angie!” They loved Olivia, too, making sure to run and give her hugs before she left. But Angie was the same age as many of them, so that drew them to her in a different – and very precious – way.

2014-09-20 19.04.48

The planner...normal until Thursday when Doug and I get to go enjoy the annual pastor’s conference at OBU, continuing to learn under our former professors. We so look forward to this every year! Then on Saturday, we’ll have our association’s annual one-day missions event. Our family will be here in Almyra helping with a block party.

Because visuals are lady! It’s amazing her skirt stayed black!

2014-09-21 13.09.52


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