And Then There Was One

All pet owners know that one day they’ll lose their pets. And, when “old man cat” Jack died, we were sad, but we had expected it. He was old when we got him five and a half years before, and he always had hints of health issues.

But this week was a different story. This one was unexpected.2014-02-25 11.32.35

We said goodbye to this monstrous cat last night. We joked that Mina was Olivia’s cat, but all three kids loved her and are going to miss her terribly.

They’ve left us in the order they came. We’re back to just our very first cat.


Oh, that's too bad. What a mercy when animals die quickly and uneventfully though, rather than being ill and miserable. They don't have the anxiety about things that we do. Wishing your hearts comfort,

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