2016 Vacation, Part 2

Finally coming back to our vacation! I’m going to skip around a bit to include everything about our “base camp” in this post. I’ve mentioned before that our lodging choices were not the original plan. But, when the original plan started falling apart, we had to rethink things. We found Tims Ford State Park in Tennessee and discovered that it was pretty much right in the middle of the places we hoped to bop around to during our time away.  2016-05-19 18.36.22

In all honesty, the cabins weren’t much to look at from the outside. They looked more like shacks, in my mind. But, the moment we stepped inside, my heart cried, “Lord, it doesn’t matter what our original plans were. This was Your original plan!”


Inside the door and down a few steps, we saw a cozy living room with a door leading out onto a balcony (both of the bedrooms connected to balconies as well). The next morning, we saw the balcony view. Although the lake was rather obscured by trees, the view was the epitome of relaxation – and perfect for morning Bible reading.

2016-05-18 06.39.19

2016-05-18 07.15.35

(Even James the Big Cow approved!)

2016-05-18 06.10.34

To the right of the entrance, the kitchen and dining room area had huge windows that also overlooked the lake.


Steven liked the effect of seeing his reflection in all of the panels!

2016-05-17 20.12.38

The whole setting was one of perfect relaxation. Like I said, God’s plan was perfect. He knew exactly what we needed (imagine that!). In fact, we almost immediately cut down our plans for running here and there, just so we could spend more time at the park.

2016-05-19 11.54.23

On our second morning there, we hiked a short trail (about 2.5 miles round trip) from our cabin to the visitors center and found a recently refurbished bridge on the way. The view was delightful!

2016-05-19 11.54.27

A little path beside the bridge led us right down to the lake itself. We were in a secluded little area, so Doug taught Steven how to skip rocks.

As we were leaving that last day, we took a short detour to see the dam that is responsible for Tims Ford Lake.

2016-05-20 08.40.28

Although the turbines and more manmade look of the dam are just out of sight to the right, it was amazing how natural and beautiful everything was, even right there next to the dam. Just a gorgeous, peaceful place. And, of course, Mama thought it would be a great place to snap a few extra pictures.

2016-05-20 08.46.08

2016-05-20 08.47.56

Then, everyone had to get in on the stone skipping. I even managed to successfully skip a few rocks – for the first time in my life! Yay!

2016-05-20 08.44.09

A peaceful cabin stay on the lake. Yes, that truly was just what we needed!


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