Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In the great and humid. Hello, summer. 

Within our four walls...quiet as the kids are slowly getting into the day. We’ve completed three of our five nights of VBS, and we’re all a bit sluggish this morning. I’m in the “office” trying to get a few things done before it’s too miserably hot to work in here. The breeze through the open windows is warm and sticky, but not too terribly hot yet.

A heart of thanksgiving...for the ability to leave this room and head into air conditioning; for a good (albeit, rather silly at times) start to VBS; for people who understand our breed of crazy.

A heart of prayer...for our music minister who will be having surgery in the morning and for others in our church who are dealing with illness, family crises, etc. – so many! For our Almyra farmers who are working out in the heat. For the Choates as they transition back to Honiara and hit the ground running with various meetings and conferences.

Random observations...

My silly children...were delirious last night after VBS. A busy week out of town for the SBC followed by five consecutive late nights of VBS for kids who are typically early-to-bed and early-to-rise have created some interesting dynamics in the Hibbard household! And Olivia will add youth camp to the streak next week. She’s going to be a zombie by the time July gets here!!

Thoughts from the kitchen...another new recipe today – a chicken pasta dish. I’m thankful for crock pot or quick one-dish meals this summer.

On my bookshelf...reading is on hold for a week or so.

Projects...Angela’s antebellum dress should be cut out soon, then she and I will work together to get it made. Other than that, the desk that I’d kept clean for quite some time is now completely covered in school books.

Sounds of the moment...birdsong wafting in through the windows.

From Hibbard planning for the new year! It’s coming along decently, despite the full schedule of the past few weeks. I think the clutter on my desk – after growing accustomed to a clean desk – is a good motivator. And, I enjoy this anyway.

A favorite thing from last week...we had a great time in St. Louis, but coming home and relaxing was the best part.

The planner...VBS. I can’t even think past that!

Because visuals are fun...isn’t she cute?2016-06-19 12.20.49


Choate Family said…
She IS cute! (And spunky, too.)
Yep! The hat suits her :D
Sorry about your heat! Ah, summer. (Part of why we planned our visit for fall!) Hope you all get some good R&R after a busy week!

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