Hibbard Academy: The Funny & the Serious

It’s quite interesting to observe and participate in the ebb and flow of a typical school day around our house. This week, we had the following two observations, literally back to back:

The Funny

All three kids are working through various levels of The Critical Thinking Co’s Balance Benders series. In our planners, these assignments are denoted with a “BB” followed by the number. So, for example, this week’s assignment is BB5.
All three of them have been on a countdown to the perfect Balance Benders assignment.
It will come in three weeks.
Some of you know exactly why that is relevant.
The rest of you, don’t worry. Just remember that we’re nerds, and leave it at that.

The Serious

Olivia has been processing through the birth and death of Christianity among the Mongols. Although there was severe persecution toward the end of the existence of the Mongol Christian church, it was not the persecution that killed Christianity and the Mongol church. It was tolerance.
Mongol Christians became tolerant of their culture.
Mongol Christians were not set apart. They instead simply blended in with the society in which they lived.
There was nothing different or unique about Mongol Christians as compared to the unsaved Mongol population.
So, when persecution came, they had nothing to stand on. No solid faith or theology. No strong community. No true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Just their connection to same culture and society that were handing out the persecution.
That sounds hauntingly familiar. American Christians, we need to heed the message of history, lest we disappear in the same way.


Choate Family said…
I can't wait to tell our kids! They will want to count down along with your crew. I love how you balance the joy and fun of life with deep and careful thinking about the serious things, too.
Anonymous said…
They'll be so excited about your kids counting down with them!!

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