Mold & Braids

So, there was an experiment requiring mold. Several days before said experiment was supposed to be conducted, a bag with a roll and a banana slice was dutifully set outside in hopes of accumulating some mold.

On the day of the experiment, a frustrated high school student walked in disappointed because said bag of goodies did not produce one speck of mold. This was a rather shocking discovery, because in the same period of time, a partial loaf of artisan bread had molded much more quickly than normal.

The rarely squeamish high schooler was instructed to put on gloves and check the trash (not very full at the time) to see if, by some chance, the bag of bread had been thrown in the trash instead of tossed outside.


Followed by several interesting statements, such as:

Cool! That’s a lot of mold!

Oooh, and there’s some sort of worm in it!

Some of it’s green and powdery and other parts are shite and wispy! It’s cool!

Did I mention our household’s eldest is not squeamish? Perhaps I missed mentioning the fact that she has always kind of liked the things that other people would consider nasty, gory, gross, and repulsive.

Other people like her younger sister.

In fact, as descriptions of the “cool” bread and mold continue to flow throughout the course of the experiment, Sister exclaims from other side of room: “Ew! Yuck!”

Of course, this is when Sister finds ways to get her revenge.

You see, Sister, who is now of a legal age to join social media, has little interest in things like Facebook. Instead, she has recently discovered Pinterest. And she has found an endless supply of braid ideas and tutorials (among other things) on Pinterest. And she knows exactly how to use this wealth of information to torment her older sister.

The rule is that her daily electronic time limit applies for Pinterest as well as the Wii or tablet, and that if she choses Pinterest, she is choosing to not play on one of the other devices. She’s good with that.

On this particular day, said sister asks to play on the Wii. Mother answers in the affirmative…provided she does not want to play on Pinterest.

Sister responds that Pinterest is on hold until braid found earlier on Pinterest is tried out on Mold-Girl.

Mold-Girl’s distress call: “Why did you let her onto Pinterest!”

Revenge comes in many forms.

And personalities vary so greatly in this house. Oh how I love it!


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