Different Sisters

My girls get along beautifully. They love each other and live together well.

But they do not share interests.

While Angela is busy knitting or crocheting anything she possibly can, Olivia is anxiously anticipating next Thursday’s science lesson.

She gets to dissect a worm. The dissection kit awaiting her also contains also a frog, a crayfish, and several other things. She’s very, very, very excited about all of this.

Angela, meanwhile, is perfectly content to put off biology as long as possible.

Warning: pictures will probably be forthcoming. Because dissection. Fun stuff! (Can you tell who Olivia gets it from? I still remember how much fun it was to dissect a shark in college, despite the horrific smell!) So, if you’re like Angela, you might want to skip those posts. Don’t worry…the title will be nice and vague so you have no idea what’s coming.

Oh wait. That’s not a nice thing to do, is it?


She's on track with Gunnar and his friend AJ... his mom and I scheduled it so they can do their dissections together. Good news - they don't stink like they used to! I mean, it's no potpourri, but it's not as bad as when we were students :D
Choate Family said…
We really enjoyed biology! Can't wait to see the pics. And ours didn't stink, either :-)

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