Not Quite Ordinary Observations

Something about Today…Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It’s my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!

Something about the Week

A busy one. And one in which the up and down weather, combined with our allergies, is keeping us all dragging. But, we’ve enjoyed sunshine for several days, so that makes today’s clouds a little less gloomy.

Something I Have Observed

The calendar and my brain don’t always seem to be on the same page. Wednesday? What? It feels more like…I don’t know. Monday. Tuesday. Not Wednesday.

And February? Really? Are you sure it’s not still October or November? Yes, I know Christmas is behind us, but good grief. How in the world did we make it all the way to February?

Something I Have Read or Heard

“A life that is not reflected upon isn’t worth living. It belongs to the essence of being human that we contemplate our life, think about it, discuss it, evaluate it, and form opinions about it. Half of living is reflecting on what is being lived.” – Henri Nouwen, from Can You Drink This Cup?

Something on My Mind

“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” (Matthew 18:20, NASB)

To channel a little Inigo Montoya, I’m not sure this means what we think it means. We always build up from us as individuals to the power of the “two or three.” What if it’s the opposite? The Jews were accustomed to huge, corporate worship, and that almost feels to be more of the context of Jesus’ messages in these overall passages. What if Jesus is telling the disciples that, no matter how few their numbers seem to be as they start the fledgling church and fight against both the Jewish and Roman systems, He will be with them?

Chewing on that today as I pray for so many needs and people on my heart today.

Something I’m Thankful for

Encouragement and admonition. Sometimes it’s not what I want to hear. But that doesn’t mean it’s not encouraging. One of those strange realities of the Christian life.

Something about My Kids

They said it feels like a Monday. They are swinging from mellow to goofy and back again. Focus is a little wonky today!

Yesterday, though, they had great fun. Which just proves they are weird. Yesterday was day two of our state convention’s annual Evangelism Conference. Preaching. Interacting with convention folks. Etc. We live quite close to the current location for the conference, so we offered to let the kids just stay home while we went yesterday. (Doug went alone on Monday.) They wouldn’t hear of it!


They sat through two sermons, waited patiently while Doug and I interacted with a variety of people, then found a campout/picnic spot in the church while we again left them to go to our separate breakout sessions. And they thought it was great fun! Yes, my kids are weird. And I love it!

Oh, and James the Big Cow had to go, too, naturally…

2017-01-31 09.11.18

Something I’m Working on

Two books. One non-fiction and one fiction. And, no, this is not the reading plan. That’s still plugging along decently well. This is writing. I am terrified. And I battle daily the “not good enough/not as good as _______” and “don’t really have anything unique to say” brain battles. But, my wonderful husband really thinks I should do this. I think his books will be much better, and I can’t wait to read them! All the same, I’m trying to overcome my brain resistance and choose to go ahead and write a book (or two) instead of staying in my safe place of thinking that I’ll get around to it someday.

Something from Hibbard Academy

We had yesterday off for the Evangelism Conference, so we’re getting back to it today. I’m just ready for read-aloud snuggles with the kiddos! Everything else is just necessary additional stuff.

Something That Makes Me Smile

The fact that my kids do still like to curl up on the couch with me for read-aloud time.

And Olivia’s poems.

Something Coming

A couple of things going on this week in addition to the Evangelism Conference. Church tonight, a church women’s dinner tomorrow night, and a get-together with a fellow ministry family on Saturday.


Choate Family said…
Read-aloud time is my favorite, too :-)

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