Experience Points!

I’m not a naturally competitive person. Growing up, there were certain games I could always win – like Nerts. Love that game! But, I have never been incredibly athletic, and in other forms of games I would usually be just a hair too late or miss an important clue. The same thing happens now. I enjoy playing, win or lose, because if I wasn’t okay with losing, I’d hate games. And that’s no fun!


There are some occasions when a little competition is quite enjoyable. Like in learning.

We use all sorts of tools for language learning. One of those tools is DuoLingo. I’m “friends” with all three kids on DuoLingo, so I can see their weekly, monthly, and all-time progress. Meanwhile, DuoLingo sends an e-mail every time one of us passes another in “experience points.”

Because Angie’s primary foreign language is sign language through a different program and Steven is still on a much lighter language-learning schedule, both of them have lower experience points as we all work on Spanish together. But, Olivia and I are trying to use DuoLingo and a German grammar book to help fill in some gaps left by the Rosetta Stone method (a great resource, but a bit challenging for grammar intensive languages like German), so we are more aggressively using the program.

And battling for the top spot in experience points!

She’s currently way ahead of me for February. But, I’m pretty close for this week and on the all-time. I passed her week before last before she zoomed past me last week. I’m determined to come back this week!!

Nothing like a little competition to motivate me to keep up with the language learning! Now if I could just get my 40+ year-old brain to truly be able to compete with her fresh, brilliant 15-year-old brain. She’s definitely “getting” German better than I am!


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