She’s Bored!

Is it wrong to laugh at my children as they try to navigate life with dilated eyes?

Angie & Steven both had to have their eyes dilated during their eye exams this morning. So, school is currently out of the question. Normally, that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but right now they are both wandering around noticing all the things they CAN’T do!

Steven is just kind of meandering restlessly, and for once he actually wants to do school. He’s heading out for some canine therapy instead.

Angie, on the other hand, is going nuts because she can't read anything right now, do school work, or see well enough to sew. That child does not know the meaning of boredom, so this is new to her. She decided to go to the kitchen to make granola bars because she has the recipe memorized. But, she’s having to ask about measuring cup sizes because she can’t see the markings on the cups.

I probably shouldn’t be laughing, but this really is funny.

Only because it’s not happening to me!

In happy news, no glasses for either of them, and we already knew it was time for Olivia to get new ones. So, yay for great eye appointments!


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