Sunday Afternoon Fun

When our kids were little, they usually played so beautifully together. They shared many interests and found a wide variety of mutually enjoyable activities.

Over the last few years, though, it’s been a little more challenging. The girls have become teenagers, and their interests have diverged. And, of course, their little brother is still young and all boy. The girls are good about trying to intentionally play with Steven, but it’s not always a natural thing.

So, on those days when I hear the laughter of all three kids flowing down the stairs or in through the open windows at unexpected times, it makes my heart smile. Yesterday morning they had a great time together outside while I finished up lunch. Then, this afternoon, I heard the laughter and imagination flow as they all spontaneously gathered in Steven’s room to play with Legos.

2017-03-05 15.48.32


As littles, the relationships were natural. Growing up has forced them to be more intentional about keeping their sweet friendship alive. Some days, like today, it flows more naturally. But it’s a blessing to watch my children willingly work to maintain their relationship even when it isn’t so easy, when growing pains and diverging interests make common ground a little harder to find.


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