Christmas for the Hibbard Five

I truly hope each of you had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. It was a very peaceful week with a lot of blessing in seeing our children learning to keep their focus on Jesus and His birth. Christmas morning was precious, seeing the girls delight in watching everyone else open the things they had put time and effort into making. Although we all enjoyed receiving this year, it seems that I wasn't the only one who greatly enjoyed the giving part of it. We were blessed to be able to contribute to a church-building effort in the country of Qatar by ROW in honor of the kids' teachers at church. We also enjoyed delivering some of those sugar cookies to the fire department and the ER on Christmas Eve as a small thank-you to those working through the night to ensure we'd be taken care of if the need were to arise. On Christmas Eve we also greatly enjoyed a wonderful candlelight service at church. It was a blessing to be able to participate in that service.

Earlier in the day, I made a birthday cake that the girls frosted and decorated with M&M's to prepare for lunch on Christmas Day.
Christmas morning we relaxed, enjoyed opening gifts, and spent most of the morning in our jammies! I think it was after 11:00 before the last of us got dressed. :-)
We had a nice light lunch, followed by the lighting of our last Advent candle, finishing our Advent calendars, and singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. We enjoyed some of the cake, and then loaded up to head to Monroe for the rest of the day.

The girls stayed behind in Monroe for the weekend while Doug, Steven, and I returned home. It's been strange without them, but we've enjoyed the weekend - and I think they have too. We went ahead and put the Christmas decorations away simply because it was a good day to do it, but we're still in that Christmas mood - we still have the music playing and will probably watch a few more Christmas movies before all is said and done!

May you all have a wonderful week as we welcome in 2009! I look forward to seeing how God is going to work in the Hibbard family and in all of you in this new year.


Choate Family said…
Thank you for sharing about your sweet and thoughtful day. It's just like you to do so many things for other people!

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