I am looking out the window right now at an absolutely amazing morning! Cold and crisp, with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine which stands in bold contrast to the cloudy, gloomy days of late. There is a layer of heavy frost that is stubbornly and beautifully clinging to the ground even as the sunlight shines directly on it, trying to burn it away. As I walked across the street this morning to go care for our neighbors' pets, I thoroughly basked in the beauty of the morning, and I still long to just stand at the window and soak it all in. I look forward to the blessings of the beautiful day to continue as the temperatures are forecasted to climb from a cold 29 to a comfortable 60 through the course of the day. It looks like we might actually get to spend some time outside today!

But for now, we are back in the saddle of a normal day, and it feels good!

It is amazing how we thrive in routine. I know there has to be a balance between sticking to a routine and being flexible to allow life to be lived, but it's always so nice to get back to that routine. We've been out of it since before Thanksgiving, and we were just ready. I don't think the kids can truly know how ready they were, but their behavior this morning has shown it to be true.

Doug and I started setting the alarm again on Saturday. We got up and going Saturday morning, and it felt great. So, the habit had already begun to re-establish itself by the time the alarm went off this morning. And, the feeling was infectious. The girls, who have been taking an hour just to get up and dressed in the morning, were dressed and had all of their pre-breakfast chores done in an amazing 30 minutes this morning! I was so proud of them! Now at 8:30 they are already pulling out their new art supplies from Grandma and PopPop for some fun and creativity instead of trudging through chores until there seems to be no time left for fun.

I know many of you have a week before you of kids still at home and life not quite back into the routine of normalcy. I'm praying that it is a wonderful week of togetherness and enjoyment of one another. May God use this week to establish His plans in your heart for the coming year. Know that our family is loving and praying for yours in this coming year!


Choate Family said…
We thrive on routine, too, and have really enjoyed finding our new "normal" around here. Enjoy your week!
Stephanie Kay said…
Glad to have found you!! We've been out of routine since Oct. First the baby, then my parents were here, then Thanksgiving, then I had minor surgery, then Christmas, and now Joel's parents are here. I'm CRAVING routine!! And my kids are too but they would never say it.

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