My Little Sillies

Here are just a few silly shots from the past couple of days...I love it when my sweet children make me smile just through the routine of the day.
The kids have several nativities they can play with. Steven decided he needed a chair, apparently! I found him this way the other day as I was doing chores.
And, of course, when he saw that I had seen him, he thought it was so funny that I'd "caught" him in the act!
The kids gathered around Doug as he showed them how our nativity advent calendar would work. They are greatly enjoying creating the nativity scene one day at a time.
There are days when there is just downright silliness. They make me laugh!
We are so greatly enjoying this Christmas season. We got enough of a head start on Christmas gifts and crafts that we actually get to have fun working on them. This year we're also going to try our hand at making our own dough ornaments, so that should be a fun adventure!

The kittens are very slowly learning that the water bottle comes out when they attack the tree and its ornaments. The tree skirt has stayed intact a little more today than what it's typically been, and I've had to pick up fewer ornaments. Fortunately, neither of them has tried to actually climb the tree yet, so the more fragile ornaments have been kept safe. Hopefully we'll get them trained to stay away from the tree before anything like that happens! :-) (Meanwhile, we think we have a new home for our last kitten! YAY!!)


Choate Family said…
We're back! So nice to be able to catch up with your sweet family.

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