It's been a good few days for the Hibbard family. Doug's mom arrived around noon on Friday, and Doug and I left not long after that for our weekend away celebrating our tenth anniversary. It was such a nice weekend for all involved, it seems. Steven did so well with Grandma - God really answered our prayers over that and he didn't have any problem with us leaving.

On Saturday we got the news that Lacey, a 17-year-old from church, was in a car accident. It was a bit scary to hear the news, especially with the reports of the car. God was protecting her, though. She has internal bruising and suffered from a concussion, but after a couple of nights in ICU she is now resting in ICU.

Meanwhile, at home, our front bathroom door - a pocket door - got stuck closed! Fortunately no one was in the bathroom when it stuck the last time. We had to leave it closed overnight, but the next morning, the Lord helped Doug move it just right and it opened. We now have it taped open so no one will get stuck!

We have had so much fun this season making our Christmas presents. We finished the last one this afternoon, just in time for Christmas! The blessing is that even though we're finishing right before Christmas, we never really felt pressured because we were able to start early enough. This afternoon the girls and I sat down at the sewing machine to make Steven's gift from the two of them. It's a cute frog towel. They had fun, and I think they're proud of their creation!

Now we are surviving the wild and crazy temperature changes and are looking forward to our candlelight service at church Wednesday night.

We hope and pray all of you have a wonderful Christmas and are blessed as you remember the birth of the One who came to be with us. What a treasure we have to worship a God who desires to be intimate with us!


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