This past Friday we went to see my grandparents for our early Christmas visit. We really had a great visit. Olivia decided to become photographer for the day, so many of the pictures you'll see are her doing. I think she did a great job!
Playing in the closet above the cellar - a favorite place for many generations of the Browning clan.
Steven warmed up to Grandma Polly pretty quickly, as usual - well, as soon as she brought out the box of cars, that is!

He let Grandpa Russell play with him, too.
But he wouldn't let ANYONE help him carry his big car!
Despite her very low heart rate (in the 30's!) on that day, my 88-year-old grandma just had to get in the floor with the kids as she usually does. Please pray for her today and over the coming weeks. She will have a pacemaker put in this afternoon (Dec 15). She is looking forward to having energy again.
Olivia delighted in learning how to get close-up shots of people.
Here's Grandpa Russell.
And Grandma Polly.
Ann & Alli - she doesn't think we look at all alike.

We left my grandparents and headed to the Humane Society where my "little" brother Tim was waiting for wife DeAnn to get off work. It was a treat to get to see them, even if just for a few minutes.

Next we met my other brother Ben and his wife Ashley in Jacksonville for supper. They were actually on their way from Little Rock to Judsonia to see my grandparents, but we weren't going to get to wait for them to get there. So, we took Alli with us and met them for dinner. I didn't get any pictures of that leg of the trip, but we had a really good visit. Then we sent Alli back with them and continued on our return trip.

After a couple of quick errands, we drove by the Capitol in Little Rock to see the lights. It was really pretty. We drove around until we found the huge nativity that used to stand on the steps of the Capitol. Thanks to the tensions of recent years, it no longer graces the Capitol itself, but it is still displayed. We all really enjoyed going to see the beautiful wood carvings. A nice ending for a really good day.


Choate Family said…
sweet pics of great-grandparents -- an unusual treat to have this relationship! We used to love driving to see the capitol lights.

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