Santa & Growing Up

There is much discussion among Christian families about whether or not to do the Santa thing.  We do, but we don't put much emphasis on it.  We have a book about the real Saint Nicholas and his life.  But, we also like watching "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

I discovered this year, however, that my precious eight-year-old has determined for herself that Santa is not real.  I knew about it last week, but then this week I discovered her trying to convince Angela.  It was at that point that I pulled Olivia aside and reminded her that last year she, too, still believed.  I pulled her into the secret, and, naturally, she was ecstatic to be entrusted with such a grown-up secret!

Ah, it's fun to watch them grow and learn.  It's so fun to watch their little minds begin to grasp things for themselves.  To be able to process through and come to conclusions. 

Just this morning I was able to have a very grown-up conversation with Olivia, and she got it!  I love that! 

Meanwhile, it's fun to watch kids still be kids.  It's fun to see the wonder in Angela's eyes as she still anticipates the magic - and yet is even more enthralled with the idea of celebrating Christ's birth. 

And then there's Steven. 

Last night we were sitting at the dining room table for supper.  Steven turned and looked out the window behind him. 

"Oh, no!" he exclaimed.  "The carport light is still on!  I forgot to turn it off!"  (And, no, such a task has never been assigned to him.)  "It's okay, Mommy, I'll turn it off after supper."

Then, later, as he was finishing his milk and I was clearing the table, "Mommy, you wash the dishes and I'll take care of the carport light." 

As if he were fully grown and responsible for such tasks around the house.

Yes, my sweeties are growing up.  And, I can't imagine a better Christmas gift from them than to be able to witness it.

Although I am curious what they've put under the tree for me...


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