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For today, December 14, 2009
Outside my window...another gray, but warmer, Monday.

I am thinking...about how to unlock the front bathroom door the Steven locked. Fortunately, he was not inside when he did so!

I am thankful for...two bathrooms!

From the learning in the established colonies; ocean life; readers - Matchlock Gunand a book about Benjamin Franklin; read-alouds –The Witch of Blackbird PondandJohnny Tremain; Olivia – reviewing Roman numerals, equations and fractions; progressing in multiplication (carrying) and decimals; starting her very first research project, a 3-week endeavor; Angela – beginning subtraction and reviewing cents, time (hour and half-hour), and measuring in inches; Steven – number recognition 1-10 and familiarity with letters A-H (not to real recognition yet)

From the kitchen...desserts for a party tonight – apple dump cake, pumpkin roll, and chocolate pecan bars, and an attempt to create something resembling apple cider from the resources available here. Lunch must come in the meantime, though – hamburger steaks, mashed potatoes, and peas.

I am wearing...jeans, long-sleeve olive green knit top, clogs, hair down.

I am creating...still Christmas gifts, but now I can share! I've finished calendars and those secret gifts that go to some people who read this blog! This week I will be trying to make a cowboy hat from felt! This should be fun! Also making a cowboy vest, a picture book for Steven, and ballerina skirts and hair bows for the girls.

I am host a Christmas party for the deacons and their families tonight.

I am reading...the book about Benjamin Franklin so as to be prepared to ask the girls questions.

I am hoping...that my hubby will be able to easily open the bathroom door while he's home for lunch.

I am hearing...water running as it defrosts the meat. Otherwise quiet at Olivia finishes math, Angela reads, and Steven plays quietly.

Around the house...tidying for tonight – and lots and lots and lots of laundry. We got a little behind.

One of my favorite things...a mostly clean house that requires little more than tidying when needed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing a few more Christmas gifts, Mary Kay visit tomorrow, kids Christmas party at church Wednesday night, dessert night on Thursday, Christmas party on Friday night, and our 11 th anniversary on Saturday!

A picture worth sharing...

Angela got some play make-up from Grandma for Christmas, and on Saturday afternoon they dolled each other up. So glad it was bath night!


Oh Ann,

That picture is PRICELESS! I can just imagine it making an appearance at their wedding receptions, or some such event!

Did you get your bathroom door unlocked? Sometimes there's a little hole on the knob on the outside that you can stick a toothpick in and press something to release it.

Oh, yes, Julie, I'm sure that picture will come back out many times!! :-)

No such luck on the hole - this was a full-fledged key lock. Doug ended up having to destroy the knob to get the door open! But, yes, it was open in plenty of time for me to get it clean for Monday night's party!

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