With the chaos that hit as soon as we returned home, I am just now getting a chance to blog about our vacation. First, I just have to share what an incredible blessing it was and how God really put it together and provided for it.

Back in July or August we were really feeling the need to get away as a family and just have several days of "us" time. As much as we would have loved to visit friends, we knew we needed to be in a situation where we had no schedule, obligations, or commitments.

So, we set the date for the end of October and then started discussing location. We knew the trees would be turning in north Arkansas and that my sister Allison could just blend right into our relaxed time, so we decided to head to Fayetteville.

Finances are always a consideration, but God provided for that, too! We had reward points that covered three nights in a hotel "room." I use the term room loosely because the first two nights we were essentially in a two-bedroom apartment with a living room and kitchen, and the last night in a one-bedroom with the same setup! And, it was all covered with those reward points!

Thanks to that kitchen, we were able to eat most of our meals in rather than having the dining out expenses. So, essentially we paid for gas and three meals! Now that's what I call provision!

And I can honestly tell you the weekend was just what we needed. It was restful, relaxing, and refreshing.

We arrived Friday evening after a leisurely trip up with some stops on the way.
Alli joined us off and on through the course of the weekend. The girls were thrilled!
Even Steven let her play with him now and then. He still gives her a hard time, though, and is a big stinker when it comes to interacting with his Aunt Alli!
On Saturday we headed to one of our favorite places - a museum! It doesn't really matter what kind of museum we visit. Just say the word museum and our kids are ready to go! This particular one was the Museum of Ozark History.

We relaxed and enjoyed more fellowship Saturday afternoon and evening. Then on Sunday we headed to FBC Rogers for an absolutely phenomenal worship service. After church we headed south again, making our way to Judsonia to visit my grandparents and my brother and sis-in-law Tim and DeAnn. After our visit we made a dessert stop and then spent our last night in Little Rock, returning home early Monday afternoon.

God knew the weekend was just what we needed to recharge our batteries before the chaos of November. Isn't He good that way? We are so thankful!


Stephanie Kay said…
Where is that museum? My parents live in NW AR and there are only so many cows a person can look at! :)

What a great deal on your rooms!! If we're staying more than one night we always pay a little more for a suite. Just having the extra space and a fridge is worth it! Plus we save money by only eating out for supper.

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