Corn & Beans 2

Every day the delight of the day seems to be checking up on the corn and bean sprouts in our dining room.  At first, it required a huddle around the greenhouse. 
At the time, the sprouts were still small enough to be contained in the greenhouse - and didn't need the light quite yet. 
But once those leaves started to show and the sprouts started to really grow, it was time to make a change.  We cut the lid off the planter box, made a couple of arches to support the growing plants, put a layer of vermiculite in the bottom, and transplanted the young sprouts.  Meanwhile, we also put vermiculite and one corn sprout and one bean sprout into our pole planter for observation.  We set both in the windowsill where they would get plenty of light.  Observing growth is much easier now! 


Luke Holzmann said…
Looking good [smile].


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