The Saturday before Easter we had an egg hunt at church. We started outside with a resurrection story. Steven made a friend - a sweet little princess who was fascinated with Steven's boots. He was so cute playing and interacting with her!
Because it was so wet from the previous night's thunderstorms, we had to hide eggs indoors.  But, the kids had lots of fun hunting inside!
Angela and one other little girl were the smart ones. They stayed behind while Doug and Mrs. Lesia (primary egg-hiders) double-checked each room to make sure all of the eggs had been found. They ended up with probably a dozen more eggs between the two of them!
We finished the day with a light lunch and then headed on home.

Oh, and we dyed our eggs on Good Friday.  Steven started asking why we were coloring eggs, and we began to talk to him about the symbols of new life and the empty tomb.  He's asked the questions and repeated the information before, but this year there are glimmers of indication that he's starting to put the puzzle pieces together.  I love it when spiritual truths begin to make sense to young children.


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