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I realized this morning that I didn't do my daybook entry again this week.  I thought about going back to remedy that omission, but then decided to just share everyday news.  It may seem mundane, but sometimes I want to remember the mundane.  I have come to realize how much this blog is a memory-keeper for us as much as anything else.  It might be nice to remember what the "normal" days were like as much as the days full of special events.

We've had quite a few appointments the past few weeks.  It seems that they hit all at once.  Annual check-ups and dentist appointments, primarily.  Annual checkups seem almost a waste of time considering how long we waited for how little was done to check up on us.  But, it's nice to have healthiness confirmed, and nice to have the kids go when they are healthy so that it's not so overwhelming if the time comes when they truly are sick. 

The dentist appointments, on the other hand, are actually fun.  We really like our family dentist, and we especially love our hygienist. Ms. Jonette takes such good care of all of us!!  I love getting to really talk to her - she's such a precious woman, and I love to see her heart.  She adores the kids and they adore her.  Poor Doug had to go when she was out, and it made a difference.  That's the kind of lady she is.  And, she loves where she works, so that shows what kind of man our dentist is.  Yep, despite the scraping (especially for Steven and me since we have a chemical make-up that makes build-up almost inevitable no matter how well we brush or how much we floss!) and the sore gums afterward, we enjoy going to the dentist. 

We are heading into an atypical weekend for us.  Doug will be gone all day today for a pastor's conference, will come home tonight, and then will head out early tomorrow morning to be gone for two full days for crisis intervention training.  It reminds me once again how blessed we are that he does not have to travel much without us.  This summer he'll be gone six days for the SBC annual meeting in June and then another five days in July to join the youth on their summer missions camp trip.  He and I will be separated more through the course of the summer than we have been in eleven plus years of marriage.  As I said - it reminds me to be thankful for the life God has allowed us to live where this is not the norm!

And, finally, school.  Not homeschool for once.  Graduate school.  We have tried many times over the years to get Doug back to school.  We are praying that the opening the Lord has laid before us this year will be the beginning of the end of that journey!  He will be beginning distance learning for his MDiv this fall.  Thankfully, it looks like he is going to get credit for 26 hours already earned through this journey.  That leaves around 62 hours remaining for his MDiv.  There is more education we'd like to get for him, but having the MDiv will be a huge mile marker on the journey. 

Meanwhile, over the past eleven years, we have talked off and on about me going back to school.  I haven't been strictly opposed - I wanted to do it.  I just always said, "One of these days."  Noncommittal.  Unhurried.  Focus on the kids now.  Well, "one of these days" appears to have come.  Something clicked, and now I want to go back to school.  Yes, I'm crazy, but if you've known me for any period of time, you already knew about my propensity for insanity.  So, I am in the process of filling out an application to start working on an MA in Christian Ed this fall, also by distance.  Many of our classes will overlap, so we look forward to trying to work through them together. 

So, that's Hibbard life.  Just news.  I like that sometimes. 


Love the waterwheel (below)!

And - wow - both of you going to school at once! Exciting!

Mandy said…
That's a lot of huge stuff to be classified as mundane! ;)

I'm with you. checkups always seem like such a waste... but I always go anyway. lol It does give you a feeling of relief to have them examined head to toe and walk out with a clean bill of health! Glad everyone's well!

And look at you guys go!! You'll be the smartest house in town with all the schoolin' going on!

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