Absolutely Perfect Provision

Just for the record, God’s provision is always just too cool.  Why I forget that He’ll do it perfectly, I don’t know.  It’s amazing how He uses even little things to remind me, though.

Tonight I was beginning to get nervous that I wasn’t going to have enough photo paper to finish my calendar printing.  Sure enough, I counted the remaining pieces of paper in the box and came up six short.  I stopped and prayed for wisdom.  The first thought to come to me was to go check in the paper sorter.  I opened a box that had photo paper in it, but it wasn’t paper that I could do calendars with.  I thought to make sure that it really was full of only that other kind of paper.  Most of the way through it was.  But, I made sure I went all the way to the bottom of the box.  And, you can probably guess what I found there on the very bottom!  Yep, six – not five, not seven – sheets of the photo paper I needed! 

God is good, and His provision is perfect.  I must remember!


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