I love being a child of God.  Just love it!  There have been times when we have sweated it out, waiting for provision.  But, in all honesty, we’ve never done without.  We might have been tight.  We might have not had quite the full extent of supply that we wanted or were accustomed to, but we’ve always been taken care of.

Meat supply has been one of those provisions lately.  God has supplied in abundance through the generosity of our friends and neighbors this hunting season.  But, yesterday’s provision was, to say the least, a new experience for us.

We got a phone call a little after 8:00 yesterday morning from a church member asking if we wanted some ducks.  Not duck meat.  Ducks.  Duck 4

One thing about moving into a “culture” we’ve never really been exposed to is that the learning curve is very high.  We love to learn.  I will confess that it’s been a long time since we’ve felt quite this ignorant and uneducated, but it will take us a long, long, long time to exhaust our learning potential here!  So, we’re diving in. 

Back to the ducks, we didn’t have a clue what to do with these.  So, Doug placed a phone call to our friend Jonathan asking if he could walk him through what he needed to do with the ducks.  Being the exceedingly helpful man that he is, Jonathan instead came right over, showed Doug how to breast-out the ducks, and offered the tailgate of his truck for the job.  Duck 2

The kids liked the feet!

Duck 1Duck 3

Since it was date night, we put a couple of the breasts in the fridge for our date night dinner.  Doug wrapped them in bacon and pan-fried them.  Can I just say YUM!  When combined with an episode of the A-Team and a close game of Scrabble, it made for quite the fun date night. 

I must say, I’m not only exceedingly thankful for the way God is putting meat on our table right now, I am also thoroughly enjoying the taste of it!


Stephanie Kay said…
Ha!Ha! Having grown up as a PK in rural AR I totally understand this post!! Ducks (feathers included) is a new one even for me.

We've also been enjoying the A Team on Hulu. I don't remember the stories being so weak. :) A couple of weeks ago we added Knight Rider to our line up of shows. My kids think K.I.T.T. is very cool. I have to agree. :)
We stream on Netflix. A-Team is just the same show played over and over and over again with different guest stars. Yet somehow it is still quite entertaining! :-) I always loved Knight Rider, too. When I was in first grade I had a friend who firmly believed that K.I.T.T. could shrink at will and lived in the top of her closet in a shoebox! My top favorite show growing up, though, was always MacGyver. I'm holding out hope that Netflix will start streaming those one day!
Doug Hibbard said…
A-team story lines aren't weak. Everybody knows that the bad guys always lock you up in a toolshed with a welding torch before they carry out their nefarious plans!!

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