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For Today...Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Outside my window...a rainy day.  Somewhat gloomy, but I’m thankful for the rain.

I am thinking...about how nice a nap would be.  Deep thoughts, I know.

I am thankful for...the generosity of God’s people, and the way God uses that generosity to provide for needs before we even know they’re coming.

I am wearing...jeans, an olive green knit top, house shoes, hair in a clip.

I am creating...order from the chaos of this house & plans for my upcoming Etsy venture.

I am get back to regular blogging very, very soon.  So excited!

I am reading...A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians in the Higher and Middle Classes in this Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity by William Wilberforce, trying to follow my wonderful hubby’s suggestion to read the work of an author alongside reading his biography.  And, yes, that is the real title.  I also need to start a new book review book this week.

I am hoping...Angie continues to have no pain from her unexpected dental work.  She came in Sunday night to tell me that it felt like she had a hole in her tooth.  Sure enough, she lost a portion of a filling and cracked the tooth in the process.  She now has a nice, shiny cap on the tooth.  Fortunately, it’s a baby molar, so it will all come out in a few years!

I am hearing...children playing happily and peacefully in the next room.

On my mind...friends in need of prayer for various reasons.

From the learning rooms...planning to be prepared for school to resume next week.

Noticing that...vacuuming a floor makes such a big difference.

Pondering these words... “From the Christian point of view there is no special problem about Christmas in a prison cell.  For many people in this building it will probably be a more sincere and genuine occasion than in places where nothing but the name is kept.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer in a letter to his parents from Tegel prison, Dec 17, 1943

From the kitchen...meal organization.  So ready to get back to “real” eating!

Around the house...steady progress from chaos to orderliness.  Christmas stuff is still up, but it should be down by the end of the week.

One of my favorite things...children playing happily together.

A few plans for the rest of the week...mainly getting things back to our normal abnormalcy. A sewing lesson for Olivia (one of her Christmas gifts).  Oh, and a trip to the library.

A picture worth sharing...Alli & the kids ready for fondue after church on Christmas Eve.



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