Cookie Inspector

CI 7Yes, Steven got his cookies. And, yes, he put the shirt in the laundry. But, being the good boy that he is, he didn’t just come in and demand cookies. He actually helped make them. While I was finishing up some other work, he came in and asked what buttons he needed to push to preheat the oven! I was so proud of him for knowing that was the first step! His daddy must have taught him that because I sure didn’t!

When Olivia found out cookies were being made, she moved her school work to the bar so she wouldn’t miss out on anything (including a few chocolate chips to munch on while working and watching).

CI 6

Steven somehow knew a lot more than I expected about making cookies. I know he’s watched me before, but I’ve never really walked him through it. He knew we needed to get flour, eggs, and butter out. And, he knew that the butter works best if it’s melted. So, he took care of operating the microwave.

CI 5

Then he helped put the ingredients into the stand mixer and turn it on.

CI 4

Finally it was time for inspection #1. He had two lovely assistants helping with the inspection as well! The dough passed with flying colors.

CI 3

Then came the scooping out of the cookies. Steven only did a few of them, but he loved operating the scoop!

CI 2

And the Cookie Inspector’s final assessment? Lots of smiles. Between that and speed at which the batch disappeared, I think the cookies passed inspection.

CI 1


Now that's a job well done :D

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