Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, March 21, 2010

Outside my window...bright sunshine and spring warmth; birds singing; a freshly tilled section of the yard, soon to be ready for our first garden.

I am thinking...about heaven. It seems to be a topic God is putting before me frequently – my current book review book, Sunday school yesterday, a bit of Doug’s sermon, our Easter musical, just to name a few. Trying to contemplate how I need to be more heavenly minded. I do know I had chills of joy as we discussed it in Sunday school yesterday.

I am thankful for...forgiveness and free hotel nights. Odd combination, I know.

I am wearing...coral skirt and green short-sleeve top; feet bare; hair down.

I am creating...nothing, and I don’t like it. Maybe next week.

I am remembering...the last and only time I participated in attempting a garden. It was in Jordan, and the far-reaching, shallow roots of the numerous pine trees soaked up all of the water and nutrients the garden needed. The melons that weren’t affected were eaten by crows just before they were ready to harvest. It was rather sad because we worked really hard on that garden!

I am read blogs again – it’s been almost a week since I’ve had a chance to look at any of my favorite blogs.

I am reading...Heaven Revealed by Paul Enns

I am hoping...the sun is shining brightly when it comes time for pictures this afternoon

I am, birds, kids playing quietly

On my mind...the upcoming week.

From the learning rooms...finishing Olivia’s testing this morning (we weren’t able to finish last Tuesday), getting ahead on some reading Tues & Wed since we won’t have a full school week.

Noticing takes a lot of encouragement to make up for a little discouragement.

From the kitchen...I have absolutely no idea. I completely forgot to plan for this week!

Around the house...wide open windows and wonderful fresh air. Quite the blessing after having to close up the house and run the AC last night because it was so still and stuffy.

One of my favorite things...light and brightness.

A few plans for the rest of the week...this afternoon: Alli coming for a brief visit & to find new subjects for her photography habit (which means family pictures for us!!). Tues & Wed: all the activities & work that usually fits into a week – including two days of school. Thursday: Memphis!! First stop, the zoo with some families from church. Then, we’ll leave the kids at the zoo (probably in the care of the polar bears) that afternoon while we go close on the Horn Lake house! Big, big, big smile! We’ll spend Thursday night so we don’t have to drive home in the dark with an iffy headlight. Friday: trip home, fellowship with church friends for supper. Saturday: prayer walking around town in preparation for Easter followed by trip to Judsonia to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday.

A picture worth sharing...ready for baseball season! Thanks, Uncle Ben & Aunt Ashley!

Mill Bayou-20110226-00046


You've got a busy week ahead! Closing on a house? Is this the house you've been hoping to sell for quite awhile?

The kids look ADORABLE in those baseball shirts!

Yes, it is that house! Not exactly the sale we'd hoped for - it's a VERY long story. But, we see God's hand in it all, and we are so thankful!!

Thanks! :-)

Doug Hibbard said…
It'll be gone Thursday---either to sale or to flame. Well, maybe not. It should go in the sale. The other is just a temptation.


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